Eleanor HDB team lead

Ms. Eleanor Liew

Legal Executive (Team Lead)

HDB Team

Eleanor is the Team Lead of the HDB team. She graduated in 2017 from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University with Bachelor of Business degree with Major in Economics and Finance, and Minor in Marketing.

Eleanor has taken on various part-time and full-time work in the past 6 years and has gained valuable experience in managing clients well and providing good support in addressing clients’ concerns. Her positive temperament and patience have also equipped her with the skills required to deal with difficult situations at work.

Eleanor is well-versed in the process of selling private properties and is currently leading the HDB Team. She works closely with HDB, CPF Board and Banks to ensure that our HDB Sale transactions are completed successfully.

Eleanor also works directly with our managing director to ensure that our accounting reports are in order. She is meticulous in checking our company’s accounts, ensuring that all billing entries are up to date and correctly recorded in our database.