Jasmine HDB team lead

Ms. Jasmine Ong

Legal Executive (Team Lead)

HDB Team

Jasmine holds the position of Team Lead in the HDB Department and assists clients in their purchase and redemption of HDB properties. Jasmine has shown an uncanny ability to handle stressful situations.

Jasmine graduated from Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science in Year 2013. Upon graduation, Jasmine held positions in the Dental industry for many years whereby she assisted the dentists with their schedule and was the customer’s first point of conduct prior to joining the firm.

Jasmine is multi-faceted as seen in her ability to apply her skills across various fields and industries. This versatility has served and continues to serve her well at Apex Law.

Jasmine exudes an aura of wisdom and competence which inspires confidence from her colleagues and promotes productivity in the HDB Team. Furthermore, Jasmine has a positive mindset and gentle demeanour which sparks her vested interest in the well-being of those around her.